Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How to update record in validTimeState table

        LogisticsPostalAddress  LogisticsPostalAddress;

        select * from HCMWORKER

                where HCMWORKER.PERSONNELNUMBER == '002013'; //68719512003

        TransDate x= today(),y=dateMax();

        select forupdate validtimestate(x) * from LogisticsPostalAddress

                where LogisticsPostalAddress.PRIVATEFORPARTY == HCMWORKER.person;     

        LogisticsPostalAddress.ValidTo = today() -1;







Saturday, December 11, 2021

Full CIL, Incremental CIL in AX 2012

 Full CIL and Incremental CIL in AX2012

Compile: -The compile is to convert X++ source code into p-code, it is in 2009

Sync:-Checking each and every table defining the value of your EDT

Full CIL:-generate CIL is about to convert the p-code into CIL, referred to as the byte code which, at run time, is used by the CLR to convert into native code for execution on the computer. It is easier to understand that a full CIL generation involves converting all p-code into CIL finally, it converts to the binary Lang

Incremental CIL:-incremental CIL generation involves only the “changed” p-code artifacts that need to be converted into target CIL. Incremental CIL would compile only the objects that were modified since the last incremental compilation.

Some X++ batch jobs can now complete in much less time. All X++ code that runs on the AX32.exe client still runs as interpreted p-code. However, all batch jobs now run as Microsoft .NET Framework CIL, which is often much faster than p-code.

The X++ developer must now complete the extra step of compiling X++ p-code to CIL. To compile p-code to CIL, right-click AOT, and then click Add-ins > Incremental CIL generation from X++.

Next, if the installation uses multiple instances of Application Object Server (AOS), all AOS instances must be stopped and then restarted. This causes the AOS instances to load the updated assembly.

Finally, a service or a batch job must run the X++ code that was compiled to CIL. Services and batch jobs now run only as CIL

Friday, December 10, 2021

Change tracking in SQL

 Open SSMS in administrator mode

Run the following command




Enable change tracking on the particular table :

ALTER TABLE custgroup



To view the change-tracking history of a particular table :

select * from CHANGETABLE(CHANGES custGroup, 0) AS ChTbl


Disable HTTP2 for chrome

Open RUN (Window + R)

Run following command :

chrome.exe -disable-http2

This will open chrome in http2 disabled mode

Change the basic settings of D365 DEV server

Change following settings :

DB - Business Database Name, Default Company, Default Model For New Projects, Offline Authentication Admin Email

Go to the following path


Open the below file :


and there you may set any setting

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How to synch DB in AX 2012

Go to 

SQL administration

Click System administration > Periodic > Database > SQL administration.

On the Table actions menu, click Synchronize database, or click Check/Synchronize.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Debug Issue/Error in D365 FO

 1. Open the event viewer and right click and run as administrator. In the Event viewer go to the Microsoft folder expand it.

2. After expanding the Microsoft folder go to AX-SystemRuntime under Operational. Under Operational you will find the error message in the level column and Task category Column. In the below window you will find two tabs details and general.

In the General tab, you will get the error message.

Click on the Details tab to get the full view of the error message.

Thursday, December 2, 2021