Thursday, February 15, 2024

Types of LCS user roles

In this blog of Dynamics Community 101 we will learn Types of LCS User roles

User type in LCS

In Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O), within Lifecycle Services (LCS), there are two primary role categories when adding users to a project: 
1. Project Security Roles
2. Implementation Roles.

Project Security Roles 

It determine the level of access a user has to the LCS project itself.

Project Owner: 
Has full access to the project, including the ability to add or remove users and change their roles.

Environment Manager: 
Can manage cloud-hosted environments, including deploying and monitoring them.

Project User: 
Has basic access to view the project but cannot make changes to the project settings or environments.

Implementation Roles 

They are specific to the tasks and phases of the implementation process of Dynamics 365 F&O. They define the level of access and capabilities a user has within the project’s operational scope, including the configuration and setup of the Dynamics 365 environment. They include:

Solution Architect: 
Responsible for overall solution design and ensuring the implementation meets business requirements.

Functional Consultant: 
Focuses on configuring the application to meet client processes and requirements.

Technical Consultant: 
Handles customizations, integrations, and technical aspects of the Dynamics 365 environment.

Specializes in writing and testing code, creating customizations, and developing integrations.

Business Analyst: 
Analyzes business processes and interfaces between business and technology.

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