Friday, April 19, 2024

SSMS query in VS

How to run SSMS query in Visual Studio for Dynamics 365 FO

1. Open Visual Studio on your dev server

Visual studio

2. click on view then select SQL server object explorer as shown below

Visual studio home

3. SQL server object explorer will be shown on the left side in Visual Studio as shown below, click on add SQL server

SQL server object explorer

4. A new window will open as shown below

Connect visual studio

5. Fill in the server name as shown below and click connect

Visual studio ssms

6. Now you will see your DB in Visual Studio, expand your AxDB as shown in the below picture, then right-click on DB and click on new query

Visual studio

7. A new query window will open

Visual studio SQL query editor

8. write your query and click on run

SSMS query editor

In this way we can connect our DB in Visual studio instead of SSMS