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Connect D365 to Dataverse

In this blog of Dynamics Community 101 we will learn about How to Connect Dynamics 365 FO with an existing Microsoft Dataverse instance



A. Make sure The Power Platform environment geography must be the same logical geography where your finance and operations apps are deployed.

B. You must have System Administrator permissions in Dataverse.

C. You must have an Environment Manager or Project Owner role in Lifecycle Services.

D. You must be signed in by using an account from the customer tenant that owns the Lifecycle Services project.

E. A valid Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan, or AX Enterprise license must be assigned to your account.

1. Setup on the Power Platform Integration tab

    Go to LCS, go to your environment, and select the Power Platform Integration FastTab. If the Setup button is available on it, you can configure your connection to Dataverse. [How to open an environment in LCS]

LCS environment detail page

a new pop-up will come as shown below

PPAC confirmation page

tick the button, then a new field will come for environment ID as shown below

PPAC confirmation yes dialog

Environment ID for PPAC can be taken from this Link

2. Confirm that you want to proceed.

A dialog box appears and indicates that the action can't be reversed. You will be asked to put in your name, then confirm button will be enabled.

PPAC confirmation user name dialog box

Wait for some time for the provisioning to be completed

Deploying page

Mostly after 15 minutes, it will be completed

Deployed page lcs

Once provisioning the power platform is done, you can check the Environment in PPAC

How to open PPAC environment for Dynamcis 365


Please note: 

Because you're using an existing Dataverse instance and linking with the finance and operations apps environment, you must remember the disconnected Power Platform environment that was created when the finance and operations environment was created isn't deleted. You'll need to manually delete the disconnected Power Platform environment.

If you plan to keep the Power Platform environment, note that there isn't a Dataverse instance on it, and you can't use Dataverse capabilities and features such as the Export to Data Lake add-in, dual-write, and virtual tables.

Microsoft reference


Connect finance and operations apps with an existing Microsoft Dataverse instance