Monday, February 26, 2024


Understanding Dataverse in Business Applications


DataVerse, previously known as Common Data Service, is a platform provided by Microsoft as part of the Power Platform suite. It's not a database in the traditional sense but rather a platform that allows users to securely store and manage data used by business applications. DataVerse provides a unified and consistent data schema, ensuring that data is accessible and usable across applications.

While DataVerse acts as a data storage and management platform, the underlying database technology it uses is Azure SQL Database. This means that the actual storage and retrieval of data within DataVerse occur on Azure SQL Database, providing the robust, scalable, and secure database capabilities that Azure is known for. This integration allows users to leverage SQL-based capabilities for data querying and management, while also benefiting from the advanced security, data integration, and compliance features offered by DataVerse.(In simple words you can say DataVerse is a tool from Microsoft that helps you store and manage data for business apps. It's not just a simple database; it's more like a special platform that makes sure your data is organized and can be used easily by different apps. Even though it's not a traditional database, it uses Azure SQL Database from Microsoft to store all the data. So, in a way, DataVerse makes it simpler for you to handle data for your apps, and it uses a powerful Microsoft database in the background to do so.)

I hope now you have a better understanding of Dataverse in Business Applications