Thursday, December 7, 2023

Relationship type property while creating relation in Dynamics 365 FO

In Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O), the following are the types of relationships between entities:

Association: An association is a relationship between two or more entities where they are linked together based on some common attribute or characteristic. For example, When a customer places an order, there is an association between the customer entity and the order entity, linked by a unique customer ID.

Composition: Composition is a type of association where the entities are dependent on each other, and the child entity cannot exist without the parent entity. For example, A customer profile may be composed of multiple sub-entities like billing addresses, shipping addresses, and payment methods. These sub-entities cannot exist without the customer profile.

Link: A link is a type of association that defines a connection between two entities but does not imply any dependency or ownership. For example, The customer entity could be linked to a loyalty program entity, indicating that this customer is a part of a specific loyalty program but not dependent on it.

Specialization: Specialization is a relationship between entities where one entity is a more specific version of another entity. For example, Customers can be specialized into different types such as "retail customer," "wholesale customer," or "online customer."

Aggregation: Aggregation is a relationship between entities where one entity is composed of or made up of other entities. For example, A household may aggregate multiple individual customer accounts under one umbrella, like a family account.

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