Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Difference between "Subscription" and "Premier" support plans in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), support issues

In the context of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), support issues can be managed at different levels, typically categorized under "Subscription" and "Premier" support plans. Here's a general overview of the differences:

Subscription Support:

This is the standard support that comes with your Dynamics 365 subscription.

It includes access to self-help resources, Microsoft's knowledge base, and community forums.

You can submit support tickets for technical issues.

The response times can be longer compared to Premier support.

It's suited for less critical issues that don't require immediate attention.

Premier Support:

Premier support is a higher level of support service that Microsoft offers for an additional fee.

It provides everything in the Subscription support, plus a range of additional benefits.

These benefits often include 24/7 support for critical issues, faster response times, and direct access to Microsoft's top engineers.

You might also have an assigned support account manager who understands your business and technology environment.

This plan is tailored for organizations that need immediate assistance with critical issues or who want a more proactive support experience.

Enterprises choose Premier support when they require a more dedicated and immediate support experience, especially for mission-critical operations where downtime can be very costly. Subscription support may suffice for more routine issues and for businesses with less critical reliance on immediate issue resolution.

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