Wednesday, March 8, 2023

How to create a basic logic apps for topic subscription with peek-lock mode

Go to Azure portal

Click on "Create a resource"

A new page will open like below

Now in the search area, search for logic apps, a new page will open like below

Select the first one as shown in the picture and click on create, a new page will open like below

put in the subscription, resource group, and name of the logic app and region and Plan type as consumption

in my scenario, I am taking logic app name as TestTempDynamics, as shown in the picture below

now click "Review + create"
Now Azure will deploy your logic app, it should take hardly 1-2 minute max
Now you will see a screen like below

Now click on "Go to resource"

Now it will open "Logic app designer" automatically on First open of logic app

Now click on "Blank logic app" as shown below

Now you will see a page like below

Search for "Service bus" as shown below

Now select "When a message is received in a topic subscription (peek-lock)" as shown below

Now a new page will open like below

Fill in the required details, now you can add the action that you want to do, in my case I am doing an XML transformation, and finally you can complete the message in a topic subscription (The operation completes a message in a topic subscription), also if it fails you can Dead-letter the message (The operation moves the message to the topic Dead-Letter Queue) as shown below