Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Integration account in Microsoft azure

An Azure Integration Account is a service in Azure that allows you to manage and govern integration artifacts, such as schemas, maps, and agreements, in a central location. These integration artifacts are used to define the structure and format of the data that is exchanged between systems as part of an integration scenario.

An integration account can be used in conjunction with Azure Logic Apps, BizTalk, or API Management to create integration workflows that process and transform data as it flows through the system. Storing the integration artifacts in a central location makes it easier to manage and govern these artifacts across different workflows and systems.

The main components of an integration account are:

Schemas: These are used to define the structure and format of the data that is exchanged between systems. You can use XSD (XML Schema Definition) or JSON schema to define the structure of your data.

Maps: These are used to transform data from one format to another. For example, you may have a source schema in one format and a target schema in another format, and a map can be used to convert data from the source format to the target format.

Agreements: These are used to define the trading relationships between two parties in an integration scenario. An agreement defines the schemas, maps, and any other artifacts that are used by the two parties during the integration process.

Partners: The Partners are used to identify the parties involved in the integration scenario. Each partner can be associated with one or more agreements.

The integration account also provides tracking and monitoring of the integration artifact usage and versioning of the artifact. It is also integrated with Azure Key vault, to ensure the security of the artifact. With an integration account, you can ensure that your integration workflows are using the correct versions of the artifacts and that you have a single source of truth for these artifacts.

Steps to create an integration account in Azure:

Log in to the Azure portal using your Azure account credentials.

Click on the "Create a resource" button in the top left corner of the screen.

In the search box, type "Integration Account" and select it from the list of results, and click on create

On the "Integration Account" page, fill in the following information:

Subscription: Select the subscription you want to use for this integration account.

Resource group: Create a new resource group or use an existing one.

Integration account name: Choose a unique name for your integration account.

Location: Select the region where you want your integration account to be located.

Click on "Review + Create" to review the configuration of your integration account.

It will validate for some time and then, click on "Create" to create the integration account.

It will take some seconds for the deployment, once the deployment is done, you may go to the resource

Once you go to resource, it will look like below

Once the integration account is created, you can navigate to the account to manage the integration artifact like schemas, maps, and agreements, you can also use Azure Logic App to create integration workflows which would use the integration account as one of the connectors.