Saturday, January 7, 2023

How to create a local Dev Environment for Dynamics 365 FO


Go to LCS portal: Link

Sign in with your credentials

Go to "Shared asset library" as shown below

Now go to "Downloadable VHD"

Now download the latest version

Once downloaded, run the 1st file, it should be an executable file

Now it will show a dialog, click accept

Now click on extract

This will take a while 

Now in the start search for "Turn windows feature on or off "

Now you will see a dialog box like below

Now it will find some files and apply the changes automatically

After the changes are applied, restart the computer once
Once the system is restarted, go to start and search Hyper-V manager, run as administrator
You will see a screen like below

Click on Quick create and select "Virtual machine"
A new popup will show like below

click next, put in the name of the VM

click on next, and select the generation

click next, and select the ram that you would want to allocate to the Virtual machine, you may make it dynamics as well

click next and select the connection as "Default switch"

now click next and click on "use an existing virtual hard disk" and select the VHD that we extracted in the earlier steps

click next and then finish

Now you will see a VM in the Hyper-V Manager
Right-click on it and select connect

A new window will come, like below, click on start

It will take some time to load
Password to login: pass@word1
Once loggedIn you will see screen like below

Open "AdminUserProvisioning" and run as admin, put in your email Id and click submit.

Once successful you will see a screen like below

Now go to IIS and open the Dynamics URL