Friday, November 25, 2022

Difference between Power Automate and Logic Apps

Power automate:
1. It is available as part of O365 applications
2. Power automate is a browser-based application which means you can modify it only using the browser
3. Microsoft Flow can be accessed and modified in a Mobile app
4. For Power Automate, either you pay on a per-flow or per-user basis.
5. If you have a relatively simple application to create then you should go for Power Automate.
6. If your application is using Office 365 / Dynamics application then you can probably pick Power Automate.
7. If Citizen Developers are creating the application, you can go with Power Automate.

Logic apps:
1. Logic apps is a part of the Azure platform
2. You can work with Logic apps in a browser as well as in a visual studio designer.
3. Logic Apps cannot be operated from a mobile app
4. For Logic Apps you pay as you use. That means whenever Logic apps run, connectors, triggers, and actions are metered and based on that the user is charged.
5. If you want to create an application that has complicated requirements then you should go for Logic Apps
6. If your application is mostly using Azure services, then you can go ahead with Azure Logic Apps 
7. If Pro developers are working, then you can go ahead with Logic Apps without any hesitation.