Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Intelli sense in VS

How to turn on/Trigger Intelli Sense in Visual Studio in Dynamics 365 FO

Intelli sense

What is Intelli sense?

IntelliSense in Visual Studio is a feature that helps programmers write code faster and with fewer mistakes. Here's how it simplifies coding:

1. Auto-completion: 

It suggests how to finish lines as you type, so you don't have to type everything.

2. Helps with errors: 

It points out mistakes as you go, helping you fix them right away.

3. Shows useful info: 

It gives quick pop-ups with info about codes, like what a function does or what parameters it needs.

4. Easy to use: 

It lists options you can use in your code, making it easier to remember what commands are available.

Overall, IntelliSense is like a smart assistant that helps you code by giving hints and fixing mistakes along the way.

How to turn on/trigger Intelli sense?

Open visual studio, go to any code

and press Ctrl + Space