Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How to update DEV environment version in D365 FO

 Go to DEV environment, download the update file from Asset Library

unzip the downloaded file in the following location "C:\D365FFOUpgrade\"

Open CMD in Admin mode

run following commands one by one

cd C:\D365FFOUpgrade

AxUpdateInstaller.exe generate -runbookid=upgrade -runbookfile=upgrade.xml -topologyfile=defaulttopologydata.xml -servicemodelfile=defaultservicemodeldata.xml

AxUpdateInstaller.exe import -runbookfile=upgrade.xml

AxUpdateInstaller.exe execute -runbookid=upgrade

NOTE: During the execution of Cleanup for data upgrade you may encounter an error: Stack trace: Call to TTSCOMMIT without first calling TTSBEGIN.\' on category \'Error\'.

To resolve this, re-run the step with this command: AxUpdateInstaller.exe execute -runbookid=upgrade -rerunstep=\<failed-step\>