Sunday, November 7, 2021

BYOD (Bring your own database) in D365 FO

What is BYOD?

BYOD feature lets administrators configure their own database, and then export one or more data entities that are available in Finance and Operations into it.

The BYOD feature allows you to push data into a database you manage on Azure or on-premises.

This is done with the use of data entities. This means you can use existing entities or build your own entities to structure the data you need for your external database. Currently, more than 1700 Data entities are available.


You have data in D365 running in the cloud but you still have other applications that you run on-premise or elsewhere. 

So you need to get data from D365 into another environment so other applications can use the data. 

The most common use of BYOD is for data analysis and long-running reporting (Long-running reports are the pain point of AX)



How-to search system logs for BYOD (and other) errors in D365 F&O : Link

Create DB > Configuration > Publish : Link