Friday, June 18, 2021

Account payable module Functional in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The purchasing process includes the steps below:


QUOTE                         AMAZON(BHEJEGA)





1. Planned order and purchase requisitions (for material requirements)

     Planned orders are generated automatically in operations planning (master planning)

     Purchase requisitions are internal documents, entered manually, by the person who needs the material. Runs through an approval workflow

2. Request for quotation (for detailed information click here)

     Sent to vendors to require information about the prices and delivery dates

3. Purchase order (for detailed information click here)

     Consists of header – line format. If not approved the status is Draft. If approved or if change management is not active (no need for approval) the status is Approved

     Optionally you can post a purchase inquiry to vendors for validation purposes

     Posting a purchase order confirmation means to save it. All PO confirmations are saved with its original info even after the order maybe subject to changes

     The PO status is indicated by order status and document status?

4. Product receipt (for detailed information click here)

     Reduces the open quantity in PO and increases the the physical quantity in inventory

     The order status becomes Received

5. Invoice receipt (for detailed information click here)

     Register the invoice in the pending vendor invoice form which is usually matched with the PO and product receipt, or otherwise manually in invoice journal

     The order status becomes Invoiced

6. Vendor payment (for detailed information click here)

     Record the payment manually or as a result of payment proposal

     Generates an open vendor transaction , waiting for payment