Monday, April 6, 2020

Form Methods in Ax 2012

Activate : When a form receives focus.Returns boolean data type that specifies whether a form has focus.

CanClose : When aform is closed.specifies whether you can close the form.The call to the super in the method checks whether closing the form is a valid action.

Closed : The form is closed.use this method to check whether the form has been closed.

Close : The form is closed.the call to the super in this method closes the form window,manages database updates and sets the closed method to true.

CloseCancel : Use this method to check whether the form has been closed by a cancel action.the method is set to true if the form is closed by a cancel action.

CloseOk : The user presses an ok button.specifies whether the form wasa closed by clicking the ok button.the call to the super method sets the boolean flag closedok and calls the close method.

InIt : The form is opened.use the method to initialize a form.the init method I started immediately after the new method and creates the run time image of the must call the super method if you override this methpd and you should add your code before the super call.

Run : The form is opened.Call the run method immediately after the init method.The call to the super method makes the form window appear on the screen and performs a database search for the data to be displayed in the form.

Method Flow                                     Init->Run