Monday, March 30, 2020

Starting a project Dynamics 365

Make your project
now click on "Dynamics 365" in action pane
select "Model Management"
select "Create Model"
a popup menu will appear
Name the model "TTC_CustomModel"
Model publisher "Tectree"
Model Description "This model contains all custom customizations"
click next
select "Create new package"
click next
application common,application foundation,application platform,application suite,calendar,contact person,currency,dimensions,directory,electronic reporting,
fiscal books,general ledger,ledger,personnel,policy,retail,subledger,tax,unit of measure
click next

go to the properties of the project
select the right model
syncronise database on build  -  false (so that building project won't take much time)

go to dynamics 365 -> options
now select project
now tick "organise projects by element type"
and click ok